Content Designed to Educate First, Sell Second.

Linchpin Integrated Media is a content marketing agency that uses experienced journalists and multiple forms of media:
- to help your company tell its stories effectively
- to inform and educate your customers
- to position your company’s leaders as the authoritative experts in their fields
- to build customer trust, credibility and loyalty
- to generate leads, volumes, revenue and profitability

At Linchpin Integrated Media, our goal is to create web-based, social media-driven content (articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, e-newsletters, etc.) designed to help your customers, not sell to them. When you freely give your audience information they're actively searching for - information so valuable that they’d be willing to pay for it - you build trust, which, ultimately, is your most powerful selling tool.

Linchpin Integrated Media is focused on a journalistic approach to providing the latest content marketing strategies and executions for its clients, but is also available to provide traditional marketing and advertising consultation, planning, production and purchasing services upon request.

Our services are particularly well suited for complex businesses (with multiple service lines) that need to explain their services to their customers, including medical, legal, financial, industrial, technological and educational organizations, as well as the entertainment, tourism, hospitality, energy and service industries.




Linchpin Integrated Media is led by Emmy-Award winning broadcast journalist, Fortune 100 corporation media relations executive and veteran hospital marketing director, Doug Sheils. With more than 35 years of professional video and audio story-telling, communications and marketing experience, Doug is uniquely qualified in the Tri-State region surrounding Huntington, WV, to help companies and organizations tell their important stories and answer the important questions their customers are asking via search engines like Google and Yahoo. 

Doug was inspired to start Linchpin Integrated Media after experiencing a serious heart problem called "mitral regurgitation," or a damaged mitral valve that didn't close properly when his heart pumped out blood. When diagnosed, he was told he'd need an operation to replace the valve with a pig valve, a cow valve or a mechanical valve - an operation that would require the cracking of his chest and the need to be on blood thinners the rest of his life. Not content with that answer, Doug turned to Google to research other options. And he found a treasure trove of helpful videos and other information produced by The Cleveland Clinic. Most important, that information helped him discover that surgeons there could repair mitral valves, rather than replacing them - a better long-term solution that would negate the need to be on blood thinners afterwards. And he also learned he could have the operation performed robotically through a small incision between his ribs, so his sternum wouldn't need to be cracked and his recovery would be much shorter and easier. 

"I had my valve repaired there on a Monday and went home that Friday - and I was back to work in two weeks," Doug said. "I was so fortunate that The Cleveland Clinic had made such a profound commitment to providing its patients and prospective patients with comprehensive, searchable, multi-media education through its website. And I immediately knew then that I wanted to devote the remainder of my career to using my skills and experience to help others find needed information through this same approach - an approach called content marketing."


Professional Storytelling with a Video Focus

To reach your customers effectively, you have to know how they're getting their information and how to use those forms of media to deliver valuable messages, educational content and compelling stories to them. 

With extensive experience in multi-media storytelling, Linchpin Integrated Media can help you reach your customers, whether they prefer to get their information by reading it, listening to it, or - as the overwhelming majority of consumers are now preferring to get it - through videos on your website and social media platforms. 


Content Analysis & Strategy Development

When was the last time you looked at the content on your website? Does that content provide your customers with the information they need and are actively searching for? Are your competitors providing more helpful information?

At Linchpin Integrated Media, we analyze your website content with those questions in mind. And more important, we help you anticipate the questions your customers are asking and develop strategies to provide them with answers they need. 


FAA Certified and Insured Aerial Videography

Linchpin Integrated Media is FAA licensed and certified to provide commercial aerial videography services. And, for your peace of mind, we're also fully insured.

We utilize a state-of-the-art DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, featuring a 4K Hasselblad camera that captures beautiful, smooth footage or still photographs for your productions. 

Check out our video highlighting the beauty of Autumn in Huntington to the right to see an example. 

Linchpin Integrated Media is currently taking an extended hiatus. We apologize for not being able

to take any new clients at this time. Thank you.   -Doug


Damascene Gallery Introduction

Are You In "The Market" For A Great Time?

Marshall Plane Crash Anniversary/Drone Videography (Over 110K Facebook Views)

Welcome to the Touma Ear, Nose & Throat Museum




What questions are your customers asking? Are you providing them with the answers they're seeking?

Linchpin Integrated Media can help position you as the recognized authority in your unique discipline.

St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions offers patients a comprehensive, state-of-the-art program to regain their health and their lives from the dangers of morbid obesity. Learn more about the program in this overview video.

HIMG Center for Heart Function

Congestive Heart Failure is a leading cause of death and hospitalization in the United States. But at HIMG Cardiology, patients can benefit from a comprehensive program to keep them healthy and out of the hospital

Downtown Huntington/MarshallCollaboration

One of six videos produced for 
Touma Real Estate Holdings, this one highlights the exciting renaissance of downtown Huntington, WV and features a unique collaboration with Marshall University's College of Visual Arts. 

OVP ER Staffing Service

OVP HEALTH provides a wide range of primary care, addiction treatment, hospitalist staffing and ER staffing services throughout WV, KY, OH and SC. This video highlights its ER Staffing Services at one local hospital system.

A West Virginia Pharmacist's Story

Pharmacists do far more than just count and bottle pills. They provide a multitude of vital services that improve health and lives. Meet a West Virginia pharmacist whose quick action saved the life of a young woman, and ultimately allowed her to bring a new life into her family.

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery at HIMG & St. Mary's

Hearing the words "You have breast cancer" is always a devastating moment in a woman's life. But advanced surgical techniques have greatly improved aesthetic outcomes. Learn more about Hidden Scar Breast Surgery!

Big Brothers/Big Sisters "Man Up & Mentor"

More than 40 young boys in the Huntington, WV/Ashland, KY area are on a waiting list to be matched with a "Big Brother" to provide them with a much-needed mentor. This video was produced for an event called "Man Up & Mentor" to recruit men to become Big Brothers.

Austin's Homemade Ice Cream Dollar Dip Day

For many decades, Austin's Homemade Ice Cream has been a fan favorite in the small town of Ceredo, WV.  And on the one year anniversary of its expansion into Huntington, WV, it offered its loyal patrons a scoop (or two) of gratitude.

DiVa Laser Vaginal Therapy

Two major events in a woman's life can lead to a decline in vaginal health - the damage caused by the stretching of childbirth and the reduced production of estrogen, caused by menopause or other events such as a hysterectomy or chemotherapy. And DiVa Laser Vaginal Therapy can help. Learn more. 

Treating BPH (Enlarged Prostate) at HIMG Urology

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is the normal growth of a man's prostate as he ages. Many times, this condition can cause a frequent urge to urinate, which can dramatically impact quality of life. See how BPH is treated at HIMG Urology - including a procedure called UroLift.

Clean Water, LLC: New Technology for Cleaning Oil & Gas


Clean Water, LLC, has developed new, patented technology that has the potential to solve the number one environmental challenge facing the oil and gas industry - what to do with the massive volumes of dirty water it produces. 

CoolSculpting at Huntington Dermatology

CoolSculpting is a technology that allows the removal of fat around the midsection, arms and thighs by freezing it during a brief office procedure. Learn more from dermatologist Susan C. Touma, of Huntington Dermatology.



"Linchpin Integrated Media has been a tremendous partner in helping Ohio Valley Physicians expand its media presence.  There is no question that acquiring their services has been one of the best decisions Ohio Valley Physicians has made over the last couple of years. 


"Doug and his staff have been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for assistance in expanding awareness for their business."

Stacey Shy

CEO, Ohio Valley Physicians

"I have had the pleasure of retaining Linchpin Integrated Media to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for Touma Real Estate Holdings. I am extremely pleased with Doug Sheils' work, professionalism and deep understanding of our needs and goals. The six videos Doug produced for us received a lot of positive feedback and showed the depth of his creativity, understanding and vast storytelling experience."

Joseph B. Touma, MD

Touma Real Estate Holdings

"Having worked with and for Doug on too many projects to count, I know the sigh of relief that comes when Doug is at the wheel. He's an expert not only in storytelling, but also in making sure even the most challenging projects are handled smoothly, completely and with unmatched professionalism. He's a pleasure to work with and the absolute best at what he does - and at Linchpin, he does a lot!"

Katherine Reasons Pyles

Former Managing Editor, HQ Publications & Freelance Writer




Mark Morgan, CEO

Huntington Internal Medicine Group (HIMG)

"Thank you to Doug Sheils and Linchpin Integrated Media for providing businesses in Huntington and the Tri-State Area with the very best in video storytelling services. I will forever be grateful for the work you did for Huntington Dermatology and the media expertise you shared with our practice."

Susan C. Touma, MD

Huntington Dermatology, Inc.

"While HIMG has always had a robust marketing program and plan, we were still missing one vital piece, which was informational content. This is what Linchpin Integrated Media excels at doing. Linchpin has produced

numerous pieces of content for us through physician interviews that ultimately resulted in:  news releases, radio and television advertising, podcasts, internet videos and other website and social media content. I am pleased that we chose to work with Linchpin to fully round out our marketing initiatives."


Our goal at Linchpin Integrated Media is to become a marketing and communications partner with your company - a key member of your team. Consequently, we prefer to negotiate retainer arrangements with our clients, based on the size and complexity of their companies. We do, however, help clients with individual content marketing projects. Due to Linchpin's lean organization and low overhead structure, clients generally tend to find our prices very affordable.


Linchpin Integrated Media does not specialize in website development. However, we do partner with web developers to integrate newly generated video, audio and other content into company websites. For companies desiring new websites, Linchpin can also provide project management services - working side-by-side with web developers to ensure the website is designed to meet the company's needs, wishes and standards - and to ensure the website can be easily and readily updated with new and valuable content.


Linchpin is located in part of a recently rehabilitated, historic, vaudeville auditorium in the heart of downtown Huntington, next to a bustling, new focal point of the city called "The Market."  Our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art, multi-camera video interview studio and an audio studio capable of recording high quality narration or podcasts featuring up to six participants. We also have two full sets of field video production equipment, capable of capturing high quality video and audio wherever you need us to go; DSLR photo and video equipment with multiple lens options, DJI Ronin-S camera stabilization system and sliders; a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone; and the latest digital editing equipment and software to tell your company's story in the most compelling and cutting-edge manner.



Are you interested in working with LINCHPIN INTEGRATED MEDIA to educate your customers? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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